Finally, the month has changed again, and in February, I collected 144.25 EUR (pre-tax) by simply passing “Go” while sleeping.

In February 2023, I was able to increase my passive income again and surpass my goal of earning 100 EUR per month.

Blog Income

I was finally able to record some income from the blog in February 2023.

As income sources, I use VG-Wort, Adsense, affiliates, and backlink sellers. In the case of the latter, I withdrew 60 EUR in February, which went into P2P loans at Bondora.

Unfortunately, no income was generated from the remaining income sources or the necessary payout limit was not reached.

In February, I also switched my Google Analytics to the new GA4 system, but I did not transfer the old data.


According to the new evaluation, there were approximately 989 visitors to the blog in February, at least those who confirmed the cookie banner. Unfortunately, I was a bit lazy with new articles, so there was no significant increase.

P2P Loans

I collected 63.40 EUR (pre-tax) from P2P loans. Most of the invested money is in my Go & Grow account at Bondora.

The total interest rate for all my P2P platforms was 8.58% in February.

passive income with p2p in feb 2023

Although Iuvo was the interest rate winner with almost 17% this month, I am gradually withdrawing my money from there. The high interest rate was due to loans that were repaid retroactively, which should have been due in January.

Unfortunately, there are no more loans on the platform that fit my strategy. The cash drag continues to increase disappointingly, so I will reallocate this money.

Viainvest is doing well in terms of investment, although the platform still cannot provide decent monthly evaluations, and there were several technical problems last year.

Things are also going well at Mintos, but I can only find 3–4 lenders with suitable loans for my strategy. This is obviously not enough for proper diversification, so I will leave my investment there for now and wait.

Dividends and Interest

I finally received interest on my current account again. Since January, I have been receiving 1.80% interest on my current account with PSA Bank. I used this opportunity to park some money there.

The interest rate is only guaranteed for me until the end of March. However, I assume that they will extend or even increase this offer. If not, there are currently enough alternative current account providers on the market.

I collected 16.74 EUR in interest through my current account in February.

In addition to interest, my stocks also paid dividends in February.

I buy the following stocks monthly through the stock savings plan at Consorsbank:

  • Coca Cola
  • Realty Income
  • Procter & Gamble
  • McDonalds

There were payouts from Realty Income and P&G in February. Passive Income from Dividends

After deducting the withholding tax, this resulted in a small passive income of 4.11 EUR.

grafik 1

Overall, it was a good month for passive income.

Of course, I will try to continue building and increasing my passive income over the next few months. It remains to be seen how P2P loans will develop in the future, but if current account providers continue to increase their interest rates, it will be difficult for risky asset classes like Go & Grow, which have a return of 6.75%.

I am less worried about my portfolio because there is currently a good upswing, which will certainly continue throughout the year.

As a long-term investor, it is important to me to continuously increase and diversify my passive income. The broader I set up my income streams, the less dependent I am on individual asset classes or platforms. Of course, there may always be setbacks, but a well-thought-out and long-term strategy provides me with the necessary security.

I am curious to see how my passive income will continue to develop in the coming months and years. However, I am confident that through my investments and carefully selected asset classes, I will continue to generate a regular passive income in the future. I will continue to pursue my strategy and always look for new opportunities to further diversify my sources of income.