5 alternative investments suggestions

Do you know how to invest in an alternative way? Here are 5 suggestions how to invest your money

Alternative investments are an option for people who usually have no confidence in the stock market, want to flee from low interest rates or generally always want to do everything differently than everyone else. You have lost confidence in the financial advisor or have acquired expertise in certain areas and…


Setup Watchguard’s Policy Based Routing

Policy Based Routing? We would like to be able to use 2 Internet connections at the same time and control the traffic via the respective Internet connection via Policy Based Routing. But what is policy-based routing? And how do you set this up in a Watchguard Firewall*? In order to…


Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

Virtual desktops natively in Windows 10! With Windows 10, the virtual desktops feature has been added, which Linux or OS X administrators and users have been using for years. However, the term “virtual” is not appropriate here. What is meant exactly is the possibility to create multiple desktops with differently…


Silhouette Cameo 3 Plotter Test

Silhouette Cameo 3 Test des Hobby Plotters

The waiting is over, the Silhouette Cameo 3 is finally here. After a waiting period of more than 2 months, our Cameo 3 cutting plotter has finally arrived. OK, I’ll admit it belongs to my wife. But nevertheless I would like to introduce this product here and show you, what…


How to Control Exchange ActiveSync function via AD Groups

Active Sync AD

In many companies, connections between mobile devices and an Exchange mailbox are already part of everyday life via the ActiveSync function. What does it look like if I don’t want to allow ActiveSync access for every Exchange user or only for a certain group or department. There is no direct…


vCenter Server 6 Setup error – failed to run vcdpromo

vcenter 6 vms

During a fresh installation of a vCenter Server 6 on a Windows Server, the Installation stops with an Error during installing some VMware* Services. Right in the middle of the installation, the following vcdpromo error message appears. A restart of the Server or a Cleanup of all old vCenter Installation Folders…


Free technical IT ebooks from Packtpub


Packtpub has actually a learning campaign on his website,  with daily changing free ebooks. You can find the ebook on their camping site. After you have created a free Account, just log in to that and claim you daily free ebook from the Packtpub Website. The ebooks Remain in your…