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Backup Exec 16 Error Backupscriptdetail is NULL

Backup Exec 16: Backupscriptdetail is NULL! And now what?

Recently, an error message “Backupscriptdetail is NULL” has been displayed when calling an existing job on a server that has been running for some time.

In our case, 2 out of 6 backup jobs could not be started, edited or even deleted.… MORE...

Setup Watchguard’s Policy Based Routing

Policy Based Routing?

We would like to be able to use 2 Internet connections at the same time and control the traffic via the respective Internet connection via Policy Based Routing.
But what is policy-based routing? And how do you set this up in a Watchguard Firewall*?

In order to bundle several external connections, it is necessary that the Watchguard Firewall* supports the MultiWan feature.… MORE...

How to Control Exchange ActiveSync function via AD Groups

In many companies, connections between mobile devices and an Exchange mailbox are already part of everyday life via the ActiveSync function.ActiveSync function

What does it look like if I don’t want to allow ActiveSync access for every Exchange user or only for a certain group or department.

There is no direct control of ActiveSync via ActiveDirectory.… MORE...

vCenter Server 6 Setup error – failed to run vcdpromo

During a fresh installation of a vCenter Server 6 on a Windows Server, the Installation stops with an Error during installing some VMware* Services.
Right in the middle of the installation, the following vcdpromo error message appears.

vcenter server 6

A restart of the Server or a Cleanup of all old vCenter Installation Folders couldn’t bring this installation up to work.… MORE...

Sheduled Task Process Priority

Process Priority is everything.

Did you know that the default Process Priority of a scheduled Task in Windows is below normal?
No? me either.

You may know the following scenario. You have a few scheduled Task like a daily Robocopy job, and you are wondering why the run time is growing every day.… MORE...