The P2P platform ViaInvest is a rather quiet credit platform. For one or the other, however, too quiet. I have also been actively invested on this platform for a few months now and have been satisfied with my investments so far, when they finally happen.

Exactly at this point it hangs with ViaInvest gladly once.

I myself use the AutoInvest function at ViaInvest and have also carefully set this up.

My ViaInvest Autoinvest Settings April 2021
My ViaInvest Autoinvest Settings April 2021

I only invest in loans from Sweden, Poland and Latvia. Furthermore, I have set that only loans from an interest rate of 10% with the loan status “Current” are selected.

This works very well, if loans with these criteria are available.

Nevertheless, it happens from time to time that simply no money is invested, although suitable loans are available. So now and then a certain sum is simply lying around on the Viainvest account without earning interest.

The following procedure can remedy this situation:

You open your AutoInvest settings and change a parameter (e.g. the portfolio size). After saving again, the money is usually reinvested in new loans a few minutes later.

To me, the whole thing looks like a bug where you are somehow prioritized lower after some time. This is of course very unfavorable for investors who rarely look at the portfolio, since this behavior is not expected from any other P2P platform.

ViaInvest should finally adjust here and fix this error. There are also inconsistencies in the translation from time to time, but I can overlook that.

Also in the area of the monthly evaluation, a little more time could be put into the programming of the website. Iuvo and Mintos are good examples of how a good report can look like.

Despite this bug, Viainvest is still one of my top P2P platforms, along with Bondora*, Mintos and Iuvo, and I can’t report any further problems or even failures so far (neither technical nor financial).