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Backup Exec 16 Error Backupscriptdetail is NULL

Backup Exec 16: Backupscriptdetail is NULL! And now what?

Recently, an error message “Backupscriptdetail is NULL” has been displayed when calling an existing job on a server that has been running for some time.

In our case, 2 out of 6 backup jobs could not be started, edited or even deleted.… MORE...

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

Virtual desktops natively in Windows 10!

With Windows 10, the virtual desktops feature has been added, which Linux or OS X administrators and users have been using for years.

However, the term “virtual” is not appropriate here. What is meant exactly is the possibility to create multiple desktops with differently opened applications and to work with them.… MORE...

Free technical IT ebooks from Packtpub

Packtpub has actually a learning campaign on his website,  with daily changing free ebooks.

You can find the ebook on their camping site. After you have created a free Account, just log in to that and claim you daily free ebook from the Packtpub Website.

The ebooks Remain in your account forever.… MORE...